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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gear Review: Comparison of Lightweight Trowels

A trowel is a digging tool that one would most likely need on a backcountry trip for hygienic purpose and sometimes to harvest edible plants and/or help protect a camp site from water. A trowel is in the Alta Outdoors tools list that we always bring to our trips. Here we collected information about most popular lightweight trowels currently available for purchasing the help you make an informed decision about a trowel to add to your backcountry toolkit.

Deuce Scoop*Big DigTark UltralightDeuce of Spades
Weight22 gr / 0.8 oz17 gr / 0.6 oz13 gr / 0.5 oz17 gr /0.6 oz
7" x 2"7.5"7" x 2"6.8" x 2.6"
ManufacturerDutchware GearQiWizSuluk 46The Tent Lab
UrlDutchwareQiWizSuluk 46The Tent Lab

* This trowel is the Alta Outdoors choice
** All prices are in USD

Disclaimer. No manufacturer has contacted Alta Outdoors for this review nor provided samples. Alta Outdoors does not endorse any of the above mentioned products.

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