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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Gear Review: Ultralight Titanium Wooden Stove for Hot Tenting

Winter camping may not be that popular due to cold weather, special skills requirements and overall hardship perception. But if you learn how to enjoy outdoors in winter there are a lot of benefits: no crowds, unique winter silence, special feeling of being able to enjoy the cold, sense of accomplishment, etc. One of the required skills is staying warm in cold weather and one of a technique that becomes more and more popular is hot tenting.

Hot tenting is a technique of heating up the inner space of your tent so you could warm up after being long enough in a cold environment. Hot tenting requires a source of heat and a tent that is compatible with a chosen source of heat. There are a few requirements to understand when choosing a particular way of hot tenting:
  • How portable a source of heat is;
  • What type of fuel it requires, and
  • How available the fuel is around the camping destination
If a source of heat is heavy and also requires fuel that cannot be obtained locally, for example a propane powered heat radiator, that limits how far one can hike carrying an added weight of a heater a fuel, and how long one can stay outdoors depending on the available amount of fuel.

This is why wooden tent stoves have been one of the most popular heating choices for a hot tenting, even though they are not lightweight but use locally found fuel and can be used for long period of time.

Now that titanium has become much more affordable choice for building an outdoor equipment, the lightweight titanium wooden tent stoves provide great opportunity and many benefits for winter hot tenting. Let's review a very recent product, an ultralight titanium wooden tent stove available at Ali Express.


✅ Approved and recommended.

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